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   News 03/2017
Hutzel-Seidewitztal GmbH extends its congratulations
on the title - German champion - !

In mid-February in Hamburg, our employee Andy Büttner and his team partner Julia Meißner from 1st SCV Geising were awarded the title of German champions in the curling discipline mixed doubles. At the same time, the title win also means qualification to the World Championship in Lethbridge/Canada at the end of April 2017. Until now, Germany has never won a world championship title in the relatively young curling discipline of mixed doubles. If the pair finish in at least 4th place or higher, they could qualify for the Olympic Games in PyeongChang in 2018.

We, Hutzel-Seidewitztal GmbH, committed sponsor of 1st SCV Geising, are delighted with this outstanding success and we are crossing our fingers for the World Championship in Canada.

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