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   News 09/2017
Hutzel-Seidewitztal GmbH opens new premises in Liebstadt (formerly IFA)

We were delighted to welcome numerous interested visitors to our company. When viewing the ultra-modern machine hall, many were astonished with the changing times.

At the same time, our main site hosted a “Training Day”. Interested young people were able to try out a range of stations for themselves, and in this way gain an initial insight into the training vocation of cutting machine operator.

We welcome further applications for the coming training year.
We would like to sincerely thank our employees, as well as Beyer and the Liebstadt voluntary fire brigade, for preparing and running this day.

We would also like to extend our warmest thanks for the gifts and personal words from the Hutzel family, Mr Brähmig and the Mayor of Liebstadt, Mr Retzler.

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