Our commitment


Responsibility for the environment


Economic activity and design are always connected with interventions in nature and the environment. Environmental protection is an essential part of our work and is taken into account in all our corporate decisions. In its corporate guidelines, the Hutzel Technics group of companies is committed to social responsibility towards its employees, society and the environment. Our company is therefore also certified according to ISO 14001, the internationally accepted standard for an effective environmental management system.

Our environmental policy is committed to social responsibility towards employees, society and the environment in our corporate guidelines.

Our environmental policy is assessed regularly and is based on the following principles


1. Environmental protection is part of all tasks at HumanTech Group.
2. Environmental protection affects every employee.
3. Communication about topics that are relevant to environmental protection is maintained at HumanTech Group.
4. Contractual partners are encouraged to apply the same environmental standards.
5. HumanTech Group also adheres to the applicable and relevant
environmental regulations.

Our contribution towards the decentralised energy system revolution is our own photovoltaic plant that supplies a part of the power for our production site and therefore completes the range of climate and environmental protection measures that our company has installed.